Site development

We undertake to carry out a full range of works related to the production of the site. As a result, you will receive a fully functional website in accordance with the requirements that will be specified in the terms of reference.

Depending on your needs, this can be:

  • Business card site
  • Corporate portal
  • Online store
  • Landing Page
  • Bulletin board
  • Forum
  • Internet service

The creation of any site consists of the following stages:

1. Development of the concept - you must clearly understand why you need a website.
2. Writing a TOR (technical assignment).
3. Development of the style of your site - the choice of colors, etc.
4. Manufacturing of design.
5. Making a template based on the design.
6. Domain name registration for the future site.
7. Purchase a hosting or a dedicated server.
8. Installation of the site on the hosting.
9. Filling the site.

Now more about some stages:
Design can be from a template - to an exclusive one.
Site structure - from a simple html-page to a complex portal based on CMS.